About T.A.F.W.A.

The Track and Field Writers of America (T.A.F.W.A.) is an organization comprised mostly of written and electronic media members who have a common interest in the journalistic reporting and promotion of track-and-field athletics in the United States.

T.A.F.W.A. was founded on June 7th 1973  at the NCAA Track and Field Championships in Baton Rouge. Louisiana, and has grown to a membership which now stands at over 300.

It is not required that a member have a full-time position with a formal publication or other media outlet, since in the case of track-and-field in the United States, much of the day-to-day reporting is done through freelance or volunteer correspondents.

The membership fee is $30 per year, which runs from September through the following August.

Details on how to become a TAFWA member can be found at:  Membership