Why join T.A.F.W.A. ? And how?

The Track and Field Writers of America (TAFWA) is an organization comprised mostly of written and electronic media members who have a common interest in the journalistic reporting and promotion of track-and-field athletics in the United States. TAFWA was founded at the 1973 NCAA Track and Field Championships in Baton Rouge and has grown to a membership which now stands at about 300. It is not required that a member have a full-time position with a formal publication or other media outlet, since in the case of track-and-field in the United States, much of the day-to-day reporting is done through freelance or volunteer correspondents.

The membership fee is $30 per year, which runs from September through the following August.

Paid-up members receive:

  • The FAST Annual - the definitive statistical record of American athletes. Produced by the Federation of American Statisticians of Track, a member group of TAFWA, the Annual contains over 800 pages of resources for those reporting on track and field in the USA and part of this Annual contains biographical profiles on almost 200 of the top USA athletes.
  • A Newsletter delivered monthly by email containing news, notices, accreditation information, assessments of major meet press operations, event schedules, TV plans, and current clippings from newspapers and magazines worldwide.
  • Regular e-mail updates regarding coverage of upcoming events and noteworthy happenings in the sport.
  • A Statistical Guide to indoor track, perhaps the most comprehensive annual of this part of track and field.
  • A Membership Directory containing home and business address, phones, faxes, mobile phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of members.

If this sounds of interest to you, please download and complete a membership application. Send it, along with cash or a check (in US funds, made payable to "TAFWA") for $30, to the Treasurer at the address given on the application.

Please note that all information appearing on the application will be used in the next edition of the Directory, unless you specifically note the fields you wish not to be made known to our members. The information contained in the Directory is for the private use of our members and may not be sold, lent, bartered or otherwise communicated to other individuals or organizations for commercial or other use.

Click here for the Membership Application:  TAFWA Membership Application