Bud Greenspan Memorial Award

Honoring the work of the great Olympic filmmaker Bud Greenspan, the award, first presented in 2011, recognises outstanding film and/or video production for the previous year.

Recipients of the award have been:

2019  -  Keegan Kuhn (Running for Good: The Fiona Oakes Documentary)
2018  -  LA Roma Filns (Boston - The Documentary)
2017  -  Annette Clarke, Kat Baulu and Anjali Nayar (Gun Runners)
2016  -  Nancy BEFFA  (Doping - The Shadowy World of Athletics)
2015  -  Sterling NOREN (Run Free: The True Story of Caballo Blanco)
2014  -  Dan NOYLES & Robin HAUSER REYNOLDS (Running For Jim)
2013  -  Jerry Rothwell (Town of Runners)
2012  -  National Film Board of Canada (Mighty Jerome)
2011  -  Mark FLOREANI (FloTrack)