Athletics 2024 is now available for purchase.

This year’s ATFS Annual, Athletics 2024, edited by Richard Hymans and Stuart Mazdon, has now been published in a hard-copy edition.  Following the untimely death of former edit Peter Matthews last year, Richard and Stuart took up the challenge to continue its annual publication.

Production of the 2024 Annual would not be possible without the generous support of a grant from the International Athletics Foundation. We also recognize the continuing support of World Athletics.

As in previous years, the publication is available from Lulu. You can either search for “Athletics 2024” on the website or use this URL directly:

Contents are:

- World, continental, age-group and indoor records

- World all-time lists, expanded this year to 50-deep performances and 100-deep athletes in all standard men’s and women’s events

- World lists for 2023 – generally 150-200 deep for all standard events

- Index of nearly 4000 athletes

- Biographical details of 742 of the world’s top athletes

- National champions in 2023

- World marathon, road race and ultrarunning reviews

- World Indoor Lists 2024

- Obituaries

- Book Reviews

Please address any questions to ATFS Publications.